Friday, April 20, 2012

Just for Fun - Obama and Rosa Parks

Powerful imagery.  President Obama sitting in the bus where Rosa Parks began her historic protest.

(I know this is advertisement for Obama, but, well the picture was too powerful and I don't care too much about politics)


יונה אברהם said...

So Miriam do you get a lot of questions about Obama?And do you speak your mind or do you try to not talk politics?

Miriam said...

I actually don't get alot of questions about Obama. I am not so crazy about him. But I do find that its just too hard the times that I do want to talk about him people either love him too deeply -beyond reason - and so therefore he can do no wrong, and implying such puts you in some negative category.

Or I find that they are so venomously opposed to him that they can't see reason or any good thing, they even make fun of his pants or some non-important thing.

I think he's such a touchy subject hahaha. other than that, my sense is that he's clueless on alot of things, but he's a great speaker. To me he's like the anti-thesis in an essay. Its always good and proper to have an anti-thesis, but that can't be the president -the main point of the essay. The anti-thesis is meant to pull the conclusion to something more real for everyone.

So maybe his time as president is like the anti-thesis being spoken out. Then the next president after him, must take into account his concerns and points and come to a decent conclusion. That said, I wonder if he is pro-Black Americans? I havent seem him do anything detrimental for them. Not really informed on that part.

C Yocheved said...

I have to admit that he leaves me pretty starry-eyed. But I know he's far from perfect. I think a lot was expected of him - he's president, not king! Politics is quite a game. But I do like him.

Kinda late jumping in. :)

Miriam said...

hi CY,

I also have a soft spot for him even though I am still weary of him.

I do think he got an unfair share of criticism.