Sunday, April 1, 2012

Afrocentricity driven vs Truth driven?

There are many, many afrocentric ideas floating around, some are completely ridiculous, but I think some are worthy of deeper thinking.  Is there a forum to discuss such things? Is there an orthodox Jewish setting to discuss these topics?

The afrocentric things that I am most concerned about are:

(1) the idea that we have a different constitution from people who's ancestors come from European countries -- some might be nearer if they are mixed, but for us who are not, eating hybrid or too processed food may not be good.  Better to eat non-hybrid foods.  The idea behind this is that since Black folks are rooted in the beginnings - since the beginning of civilization, etc., the food has to correspond.  Does that make sense? Is there any validity to this? If so, shouldn't this information be expounded and told?

(2) I know that Moshe Rabbeinu received the Torah at Har Sinai.  After that the JEwish people were officially "born".   They then circled the dessert for 40 years and then entered the land of Israel.  So why is it that the very Afrocentric "Black Jews" insist that the original Jews were Ethiopian?  If they said that the original Jews were Black or dark complected, I could hear that, but to say that they were Ethiopians, I don't get... do you?

(3) Every group of people has their strength and weaknesses.  I don't think its racist to single out a group -especially - if that group is one's own, and seek out our strengths and learn to deal with our weaknesses.  Is there a forum for this? One that doesn't just bash people?


יונה אברהם said...

Shalom Miriam,
I don't know if there are enough of us open to discussing the ideas you put forth-or if Black Jews just don't care.I saw that you had put up the same topic for discussion on Shais' blog.Did you get any responses?

I hadn't been aware that there was the claim that the original Jews were Ethiopian.I'd always heard that the Afro centrists claim that they were Black,but not specifically Ethiopian.I wonder where they get that from!

What I'd be curious about is what Ethiopian Jews have to say on the matter!.

Chag Kasher V'Sameah to you and your family!

Miriam said...

Shalom Yona,

I didn't get a response from the Manishtana group. but I don't know if it was cuz it was overcroweded with spam messages or what... where is everyone there???

From what I heard from Ethiopians, they seem to have the story that they came after the settling of Israel. That via King Solomon and the Queen Sheba, that was their beginning.

I am now hearing that AA in America are really form Jewish Moorish background. I don't know. I feel like we need to nail down our own history and path so that things don't get ludicris. I am tired of being in a closet when it comes to Afrocentric topics.

Chag kasher v'sameah. we'll be thinking of you. I might even go to Haifa for Pesach -it depends. a friend is at the hospital there. I'm debating it.... not sure yet.