Monday, March 19, 2012

Passover 2012 is coming.

We zoomed through Purim. I simply didn't have time to post anything about Purim. and now we are coming to Pesach /Passover.

There are three ways to be (this was my learning over Purim). you can be bad, bland, or really great.  the really great way and the "bad" way may seem similar to a naked eye. For instance,  a woman may want to wear heeled shoes, dress sharply, but her intent is to entice men. To lure them into sexual activity they'l both regret.

At a certain point, hopefully, she will be at peace with herself. Be complete. Shalom = peace. Shalem = complete. They are very closely related.  She wears what makes her comfortable. Not for anyone else, but for herself.  She does what makes her happy -learn guitar, better herself, etc. and basically she is at peace.

At another stage, she may realize that she has great value and importance in the world and may want to use her influence to bring about more good. She then dresses differently. She may (or may not) put the heel shoes on again, only because she feels its "her"  this time.  Not so much to lure anyone, but only because it feels right. Or she may find different garments, whatever that in her mind, strikes her as something a respected and good person would wear.

This can go for other aspects of life, not just garments.

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