Sunday, March 25, 2012

Criticizing Black and Jewish Stuff...

Criticizing something that happens in the "Black world" or in the "Jewish world" is a very hard thing to do, by the general public, I think. Why? Because its very easy for a hater to step in and derail good honest talk. And so people may be tempted to pretend to like anything a Jew does or anything that seems "Black".  what's the solution to having honest to goodness talk... like disputes l'shem shamayim on these topics?

At any rate, Rabbi Sharon Shalom is creating an Ethioipian Shulchan Aruch! Very interesting. In it, it seems he will posken more Ethiopian tradition friendly halachot.

I say, as long as he is within the bounds of halachah (he has sages to rely on) it seems okay.

Wasn't sure about the making a kiddush and having a child drink it, it sounds like a bracha le'vatala (a wasted blessing, because no one that is "of age"...i.e. that is obligated make blessings, will be drinking the kiddush drink).

AAaaah! Icriticized a black man and a Jew at the same time! hahhahaa.

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