Sunday, February 19, 2012

Sinai Desert Hell

On the way to "apartheid" Israel....

.               ...Africans endure the sinai desert hell..


יונה אברהם said...

I wish these stories were reported on the Black web sites that I visit!
The other day in the post office I met a man from South Sudan who said he'd been in Israel 2 months.I was surprised because I didn't think any were still able to make it across the Sinai.

His English was very good and I wished him well.I was sitting and talking with a Hebrew lady from Ghana(who has been in Israel 35 years and can't speak Hebrew!) and he asked me if I were from Ghana also.How I wish I could have said yes!

Miriam said...

How lucky you are to meet them. What amazing stories I am sure they all have.

I am far far up north and hardly no one comes up here except tourists.

YOu, know I really dont care what everyone says, Thank G-d for Israel.