Sunday, February 5, 2012

And Now for some Heavy Stuff

At around 21 minutes, I got the chills. So sad. But so good that Glen Beck can realize the need and value of teshuva/repentance. Alas, who will listen....

What do you think of this?? I hear totally different sides. One side says there is for sure a threat and we must be readied.  Then there is a complete flipside that says there is absolutely nothing to worry about. How can the two extreme thoughts exist? One is blind and the other is not. Which?? Or what's the correct way to phrase what's going on??


יונה אברהם said...

Shalom Miriam,
I saw this on BNI(barenakedislam)and commented that I'd seen the original on FOX a year ago.Then I went on to say(just like you mentioned) that there are Israelis who say it's not much of a threat because we will retaliate.
One response said that Ahmadinajab had stated that if Iran lost half of its population in striking us,it was worth it!
So yes,I do believe that war is coming and coming soon-probably within the year.
But everything is in HaShem's hands,so we'll see!

Miriam said...

sometimes it takes me so long to think things through. but yes, I also think a war is coming. I think we just have no choice.