Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Keepin it Real

There are somethings I just don't know how to explain. Or perhaps I'm just unsure of them.

This is one.

I posted this picture on my facebook and said, "somethings I REALLY like about Obama"

and people responded, 'oh that's a publicity stunt' and 'he'd never do that if the camera wasn't there'

but what they are missing and what I failed to convey is this:

He is EXPECTED to do this. Maybe it is a publicity stunt. But to see a Black person with his nose up in the air, to many, is abnormal. So when the cameras are rolling he does this. If this were a white person, if the cameras were rolling, he would still not feel the need to do this.

So, perhaps I want to just pat Black folks on the back for having this "keep it real" thing going.


C Yocheved said...

Ha! Insightful, as always. I can't help but see this and smile, though.
(And his Al Green rendition - swoon!)

Miriam said...

I love us! lol

יונה אברהם said...

You are so right Miriam,and yet at the same time if you are Black and too real,you are accused of being "ghetto".

I've noticed that every time I see another Black person in my town,whether they are Ethiopian,Hebrew Israelite or Sudanese we always acknowledge each other.

That is not the case with other people I come in contact with.

Miriam said...

Hi Yona,

Shavua tov!

I'm not 100% sure what "too real" means. but I would guess that as with any middah, it shouldn't be over done or under done.

I also notice the acknowledging and do it myself. I was a bit unsure about the men.