Sunday, December 18, 2011

Worst Nightmare turned Beautiful

I have a hard time understanding Hebrew spoken with a Russian accent., even harder time with Hebrew spoken with an Ethiopian accent.  Well one fine morning, at a bus stop, I had both a Russian man AND an Ethiopian lady trying to give me directions AT THE SAME TIME!!  It was funny because I just couldn't get it.  But when I finally did get what they were saying, they had such a look of relief on their faces, it was worth all the trouble.


יונה אברהם said...

Shalom Miriam,
I know what you mean!LOL. But because I'm in a city which is 60% Russian speakers,and many of them don't seem to know any Hebrew(the older ones who don't need it),it's only the Ethiopians' Hebrew that I have a hard time with!

Last Friday I was at the bank before it opened and there was another lady there and I noticed her Hebrew had certain Arab anomilies,such as b for p,and it turned out that she was an Arab from Nazareth who was alone here without any family.She'd been home once in 6 years and kept saying that this town was quiet.I wanted to get into her business,but only asked if she lived in Arad,because most of the Arab/Beduin live outside the town in their own villiages,and she did.What was interesting was that she asked me if I was from Africa!

There are plenty of Hebrews here and I don't have the look of the Sudanese or the Ethiopians and I guess she couldn't tell by how I spoke Hebrew.

Very interesting!

Miriam said...

lol at all the anolalies in speaking Hebrew.

Its like u can tell a person by where he "hits" on the Hebrew alef bet.

I used to be embarrassed at my American sounding Hebrew, especially when i heard Israeli kids making fun of it from other people. I've been working at it.

Also, you know, some Ethiopians think I'm Ethiopian and I know for sure don't have that typical Ethiopian look. Maybe they know that there really is a wide range despite the stereotype?