Friday, December 2, 2011

Stories from the Talmud

There was a Torah scholar who let lust get the better of him. He went to a brothel and wanted to be with not just anyone, but the "famous one" who had 7 beds stacked one on top of the other. 6 made of silver and the top one made of gold. Her rule was that anyone who approaches her must remove a layer of clothing each bed he mounts while she waited for him on the top golden bed. So, this Torah scholar debased himself and climbed as fast as he could, duly discarding an item of clothing as it climbed. However, when he got to the last bed, the last item to remove was his tzitzit. In his haste to remove that item, the tzitzit whipped him across the face!!! It gave him pause. He began to think what was the purpose of the tzitzit --one of its purpose was to protect one against immorality (like a shield around the groin). Then slowly, filled with guilt, the Torah Scholar backed away and climbed down, putting his clothes back on and finally, he left.

The woman was thoroughly impressed. What could be stronger than the pull of lust?! She began to take steps asking around about these fringes. No one knew what she was talking about. She finally reached a person who knew. "these are things the Jews wear. Go ask them about it." he said. She went to a rabbi and asked about tzitzit. The rabbi wanted to know why she was curious about it. She told him the whole story including the part about the Torah scholar.

So the rabbi began to teach the lady. Slowly slowly the lady learn and eventually she became Jewish. 

In conclusion, the rabbi did matchmaking and found the Torah scholar and told him he has a possible match for him. Then the lady entered. Jewish, holy, waiting for him for a holy union. He accepted. So he got the beds of silver, gold and the woman he wanted. the end.

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