Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Woman Lashes out at Blacks

Not very modest video!! **Cuss words Alert**

Does this lady look drunk to you?  Here is a woman lashing out at "Blacks" for being in Britain and "taking over" her country.  Now I don't know, this is totally my guess, but I always feared that because Muslim terrorists crimes are labelled as coming from "Asian immigrants" or "African immigrants", that the backlash would come to Blacks and Asians rather than anyone associated with Islam.

(hat tip= Vlad Tepes blog -can be found on my link list)

Check out Vlad Tepes's blog for the real racist coming out on the comment section: http://vladtepesblog.com/?p=40905#comments

This is the reason we are losing the fight in Islamization of the world: because the battle is simply not about good vs evil, but rather which evil reigns supreme.  Can any sane person not see this video and not see she's out of line to insult foilks on the bus/train like that? However many are just dismissing her as "drunk" (the old create a history and proceed from there routine, just like they did when they "decided that surely Black people are subhuman and can therefore be put into slavery).  Just random outbursts are now okay? Please someone correct me if i'm wrong.

This is dangerous. The group that wants to fight against wromg are teaming up with true racists and haters. What will be?

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