Monday, October 31, 2011

King or Dictator??

Occupy Wall street!! All the protesters are tired of the babylon system that exists in their place and they are crying for socialism rather than capitalism. Over in the socialists countries, the people there were also tired of the restraints there and cried out for capitalism and democracy. Everyone wants the other thing. Everyone wants easy life, things going well, etc. and they will and must search for it.

The Jewish people -many of us live in Israel. If not Israel, than the USA. both countries do not have dictators. USA has a type of capitalist w/a socialist lean??? where as Israel has socialist with a capitalist lean? lol. Democracy. You hear promoters say, Israel had the only functioning democracy in the middle east.

But truly, we are supposed to await Moshiach to come a rule. Moshiach is not going to have a parlement I don't think. He's going to be king. At least the difference between a king and a dictator is that the KIng is annointed whereas the dictator takes his place by force... but neither are democracies.

So what does that say? How can we accept the concept of Moshiach if we've been trained to appreciate democracy and hate dictators and those types of rules?

I don't have an answer, just posing the question.

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