Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Just for Fun

This was "just for fun" but it's truly scary to see, we can recognize nike, mcdonalds and all these commercial brands, but we can't even recognize the weeds and plants in our backyards that provide healing.

That reminds me of two stories...

story 1: My husband went out to buy some willow to have for Sukkot festival. As he headed for the vendor's house, the vendor's little son came out and said, "Oh don't come now, my Abba is not here."

"Where is he?" my husband asked.

"He went to go collect willows!" was the boy's reply.

Went to collect willows! in our commercial mindset, it didn't occur to us to just go out into the field and collect willows! why go to a vendor. society has taught us that whenever we need something it must be found in a STORE.

. . . . . . .

story 2: A lady wanted to make some tea in a settlement called Bat Ayin. So what did she do? instead of going to buy those boxes of tea bags, she went to her backyard and collected some anise leaves.

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