Sunday, October 9, 2011

Jewish Africa

 I knew about the Abayudaya.  There are a group of people in Uganda who wanted to be Jewish way back even before the rise of Idi Amin.  However, when Idi came into power all Jewish activity was suppressed.

But after his departure, things resumed.  Some conservative rabbis offered to do a conversion for the Abayudaya, however a small faction of them resisted. They said that an Orthodox conversion would be better.  And truth be told, Orthodox conversion is accepted by everyone, but conservative is not accepted by everyone.

So that group was sort of kicked out of the main Abayudaya group. They live in Putti village. I am writing this just to bring an awareness of them to the world.

There is the grand ole excuse for those who would rather not help them: "Oh! They just want Judaism for the material gain that it will give them!" they say.

These people have been trying and practicing Judaism as best they can for a generation already. With or without conversion or approval from anyone and with no material gain.

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