Monday, October 3, 2011

Hishtadlut -Packing a Punch!

If there's anything I like about "putting forth effort" or called "hishtadlut" in Hebrew, its when I yearn or do a little thing and then before I have to do any more,  the whole thing unravels before my eyes. Glory be to the Most High!!

Remember that post about the battlefronts and their commanders (Jef. Smith fighting Monsato's GMO food; etc).  Well, I'm happy to announce that a bunch of these groups and their commanders are teaming up -yes, they're forming a circle: we must all be forming our own circles!! - to pack a good punch to Monsato's GMO foods.

Do you know that in Europe, their food administration demands that GMO foods be listed as such?  And do you know that in America, the food administration there does not demand the same transparency?! Nope, they don't.

Well, a bunch of people are doing something about it, The Organic Consumer's Fund is poised to fight in California against such empty label. Join the fight, if your in California.

Follow the link to read more about it. Yay, Organic Consumer's Fund!! Kick 'em where it hurts!

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