Monday, October 10, 2011

Deveikut with HaShem /Closeness with G-d

I like going on Facebook.  It can almost be an addiction.

But I understand it.

The real addiction, the real love is closeness to G-d.  For me, anyway.  But that closeness is such a soft, holy, and easily forgotten thing, that its very hard to maintain.

Closeness with HaShem means stealing away and going into prayer. it means doing hitbodedut -talking to HaShem because He is your Friend, Teacher, Master, Lover, Father, Everything.  And the truth of the matter is, He responds!

Well He doesn't press the *like* button like on Facebook; He doesn't comment on your post like on Facebook, and He won't "share" your pictures or concepts that you put out.  But He does respond. Depending on your emuna (like your computer connection ) will be how fast or clear the response is. It may be that a neighbor will come and say something which will be the answer to the question that you posed during your hitbodedut.  Or, after speaking during hitbodedut about a concept that you were thinking, you will feel more confident to talk about it to others-that's the sharing. And, things happen, interesting things -not necessarily with humans, but also with trees, flowers, animals and whatever else from nature that G-d wants to use to post a "comment" on the post you left during hitbodedut.

This is a very beautiful thing. However, its very subtle.  A very busy business day and suddenly deveikut is forgotten..... for days, weeks..and the weeks can turn into months or worse.

Facebook is easier because its more concrete.  its funny to see how I post a comment or send an email and then I wait around hoping to get a quick response! Because Facebook is so concrete, I can't make it go any faster (unless I call my phone co.) and even then I can't make people respond faster cuz my computer works faster.

So, that said, I hope I will always find some quiet time to have deveikut with Hashem. Start a chat, look for His posts, and never lose focus.

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