Monday, October 31, 2011

Chanufa /Flattery

Flattery is a "despicable trait". There are words and words in the Jewish world decrying this trait.

But are we doing chanufa to Edom (America, Britain, Nato, UN, all those) by tooting what democracy we are? By boasting how gays are allowed to have their parades here?

I think If Jewish people -religious Jewish people were honest, they would say that the goal is to hopefully have Moshiach ruling--which would be more of a kingship.  And I doubt gay parades to the Holy Temple would be permitted.  (I doubt gays would be mistreated (hung or stoned as in Arab countires). But sometimes I wonder if we are trying too hard to gain the favor of Edom -which causes us to lose our own awareness of our own strength....?

Then again, its not the religious who are in power.  Most of the politicians are seculars who would not want any sort of moshiach coming and ruining their game. Very interesting things...

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