Wednesday, September 14, 2011

"End of" Times

Shalom readers,

I am experiencing the most outrageous customer service ever.  I still have no internet at home, but thankfully my sister lets me use her laptop.  I am just not used to it so I am not posting so much. My fat fingers are always pressing the wrong buttons haha.

We are truly living in the End of Times period as I see it. Except I think it should be written more like "end of" times. As in, lots of things are ending or WILL end if we -goodness in the world- remain despondent.

Already, we have monsato working hard at getting rid of various hybrid organic seeds. Soon there may not even exist seeds of old.

We have Washington (USA) attempting to ban incandescent light bulbs -the one light bulb that actually helps us to save energy and money. What company would want you to save energy and money really? That's less money for them!

Its now or never. pick up arms folks - get your seeds ons, your gardens on, your knowledge on.

In the Jewish world -and maybe in the rest of the world too? - I see us returning back to tribal life.  I think that was attempted with the advent of kibbutzim, but that time is ending too. G-d willing, a new form of tribal life that is more compatible with today's crazy daze will emerge.

Be well. Be vigilant. Gain knowledge.


יונה אברהם said...

Shalom Miriam,
I hear you,but I don't think most people are interested in going back to a time when life was less complicated.

I am reminded of the traffic in California,where the vast majority of commuters drove one per car and you couldn't pay people to car pool,even with rising gas prices.

I used to see teenage girls with babies and you know that has to be a hard life if you're already poor.But once again no one ever considered to pool their resources and move to an area not so expensive and move into a home,where 3-4 mothers could share and rotate all the household tasks.
Two could be in school,while 2 babysat,ect.
That idea came to me one day as I watched a group of young mothers in a local park.I thought that if I were in that situation that is what I'd be trying to do.But no one is interested.It's as if they believe they are an island and have to do everything on their own.

I wish we weren't so self absorbed and selfish,but that is the nature of man.There are some people who see outside the box and actually live outside the box and maybe that's how it will always be-a few doing what they have to do,so others can see them and emulate their actions!

Miriam said...

Shalom Yona,

I agree. But I also think if tribal life was made in a way that is more compatible to today's world, it could go.

Just like Kibbutz life -that was very tribal : people living in close proximity, having common interest and goal. they had one product that they used for income for he whole group. Some even went as far as having a "children's quarters" where all the children were lumped together. (I don't agree with that part).

It was like modern tribal. Nowadays, I just think its too much for one person in each household -the household that is trying to combat greedy corporations and other things -- to have all the natural remedies in their heads, to know all the ins and outs about vaccinations, to be environmentally aware, and so on and so forth.

There are simply too many fronts to tackle. Plus the adults usually have to work.

Something will get formed naturally. Corporate /industrial society will attempt to break it down, but it will natural get attempted. And those who come from tribal ways already, may hopefully be the ones most ready to try such a thing.