Sunday, August 7, 2011


My sister was going through a rough time last week. 

A very popular American girl found an identity for herself in Israel.  She likes to rap "black" and act "black" decided to post a very condescending video on her facebook.  It was a video of a Black man pretending to be a Black woman and committing all the stereotypes known to man about black women.

All these supposedly religious girls were cackling and laughing about it and threw in some racist comments of their own.

My sister spoke up.  I think they didn't figure any Black person would see this autrocity.  Instead of conceding her point, they ganged up on her!!! Didn't matter, she took them all on, praise G-d!!

But it is really sad to think that so few years after the holocaust, that Jewish people can joke like this. That they can objectify and de-humanize another person and think no consequences can/will evolve from this kind of behavior.

Where are the history lessons? Where is the sensitivity?  Obviously, its not uniformed in the Jewish world.  My husband -who is of Ashkenazi background and grew up going to Hebrew day school- says he is sick and tired of hearing about the holocaust.  And yet there are those who have not learned a thing from it...


C Yocheved said...

Grr. My husband has commented repeatedly on the racist remarks that he's heard (from people who don't know who he's married to..).

It's not bringing geula closer, that's for sure.

Miriam said...

Hi Yocheved,

It sure isn't bringing the geula closer.

I hope people read this and try to do better.

Anonymous said...

Very sad. It is actually an inferiority complex, jealousy and ignorance that causes them to disrespect another race.
Your sister is very brave and we are all proud of her for speaking up.

Chaya said...

When I first saw the video, it cut me so deeply that I couldn't even register my feelings. I had to wait a few hours before even talking about it.
(Can you imagine seeing such things over and over again and how it would numb a person from oneself)
It was only when I reached out to my sister for support that things became clear.
You are such a pillar of strength for me, Miriam!
I am very grateful to G-d.

Miriam said...

We are proud of you Chaya. In the end, you had to stand up and I could only give advice from a "distance" so to speak.

so please acknowledge your strength. Claim it! Thank G-d for it. we are proud of you!!