Monday, August 15, 2011

Neshama News- London is burning

Edom is on fire.  Now if I wanted to say this in their own Edomite /western style news method, I would say: "It appears that the country that has invaded, colonized and blatantly took over many countries the world over is getting a taste of its own medicine. Hundreds of youths, descendents of many of those very same countries ravaged by Britain so long ago (and not so long ago), have risen and are given back.  The rooster has come home to roost as the saying goes. We can only hope that they make it out okay, but the damages seem irreparable..

....and in other news, celebrity Sherri Shepherd, from "the View" ties the knot!..."

I could write like that.  Certainly if this was happening in a Black or African country, this is how the news would run. All the negative adjectives and reminders of all their problems listed out smoothly; the hope for the future left bleak.  And then, as a slap in the face, the turn to other news as if that horribly bad news they just gave was a "ho hum."

Well, Edom is burning. Various cities in England to be exact is dealing with so much rioting, looting, vandalism and the police are doing nothing. Finally the people themselves have taken to the streets to protect their property.

Try as I might, it is really difficult to find a western media outlet who can explain in a straight way to explain what the problem is. (so far the best place I've found is Vlad Tepes blog).

(1) Many are saying its the youth and their "entitlement culture".  Yes. the blame stops right at the people who expects what the country has given them.  But how did this "entitlement" mentality develop in the first place?  How far is it safe to go to discover the root of the problem?

(2) Many are saying it isn't just the 'minorities' in Britain, but every one of every stripes, class, and culture.  And honestly, many videos seem to be surfacing recently pointing in that direction.  I'm not sure what to do with this information. Either MSM is at it again obfuscating the facts in the hopes of steering reality to how they would like it to be. Or they got it wrong at the beginning and it really was a multi-ethnic, multi-culture endeavor. Or maybe it started out with mostly Blacks and then changed. Who can know anything with today's media?

Just like when a Muslim terrorist commits a crime while screaming those magic words at the top of his lungs, the media would rather not use the word Muslim nor terrorist.

They'll even omit the part that he was yelling anything!  That is disturbing because it takes away from the victory that the Muslim wants to accomplish --by not recognizing neither the terrorist, nor his whole purpose for doing the crime in the first place.  And disturbing also because it paints an untruthful picture since they tend to describe the perpetrators of such crimes as "African immigrant" or "Asian immigrant".  The backlash will be on anyone who looks "African" or "Asian".

Also, stretching a bit further back, just like when they needed slaves for the new America. Somehow they tried to change their perception of reality by deciding that Blacks weren't really human, but rather some sort of subhuman beings. Thus it was okay to grab as many as they could and "ship" them and enslave them --even finding it puzzling when these slaves try to escape or revolt.  The crazy part is they seemed to even believe their own lies.

Like in the cartoons when the character makes his own hole and then jumps into it.

At least, the good news about the slave trade is that, with much fighting and revolting, etc. Britain and America (who's Britain's offspring) finally recognized the human-ness of Black people, which is more than I can say for many in certain Arab countries who truly believe with all their heart that Blacks are slaves or like animals and to this day continue with slavery.

At any rate, London is on fire as we speak.  When will the people of England, and much of the world for that matter, take an honest look at things and find real solutions?


C Yocheved said...

Everything is so muddled now. We need moschiach.

Miriam said...

We need Moshiach with a quickness!

In the meanwhile, not sure what to use as a barometer for truth. The world is getting so full of lies, we need a barometer.