Wednesday, August 10, 2011

London Riots --It happened!

I wrote a post a while back called the Begets Basically, I was weary that everytime the news wants to report something that a muslim did, they would say it was done by an "African immigrant" because it was much safer and easier to slander the African, than to risk upsetting the Muslims.

I was worried that people would take Africans and Blacks based on what the media was feeding them and treat them worse -as if they are criminals simply for being African or black. And now. Flash mobs in Pennsylvania...riotings in London.

I won't pretend like this is a direct result of the media constantly portraying "African immigrants" as the criminals. However, I wouldn't doubt that it played a role in some sort of prophecy fullfillment.

And now, swoops in the actual real terrorists, come to capitalize on the rioting..

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