Sunday, August 7, 2011


There are 613 commandments that we are charged to do. 365 negative commandments (thou shalt not) and 248 positive commandments (thou shalt...). Each of these corresponds to the limbs and ligaments of the body.

 The positive commandments corresponds to the tissues in our bodies. The negative corresponds to connectors/ligaments. Because of this, we see that the negative ones are more potent. If something is wrong with a ligament in the wrist of the right hand, for example (related to the commandment of giving charity), then the whole hand will be affected. If something is wrong with the tissue of a finger, -corresponding to a positive commandment- for example, its only that finger that will be affected.

Every commandment (called mitzvot) that we do causes a ripple in the world. This is how Jews bring good into the world. Every charity we give, every time we show honor to one's mother or father, every time we choose not to worship an idol, it causes a ripple in the world and brings good. How much good?

That depends on the emotions. Emotions are like cups, buckets, vessels. Containers. Joy is a cup. Anger is also a cup. Each emotion holds a certain item.

Thus, when when we do a mitzvah/a commandment, if we have great reverence to God as we do it; that will cause a bigger ripple than if we do it out of habit, with no emotions.

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