Thursday, July 21, 2011

My Very Own Yatzer Hara

A yatzer hara = an evil inclination.  A lean towards a wrong thing.

Everyone has one. I have mine.  My yatzer hara is always beating on me telling me that I am...

incapable, incompetent, disorganized, overwhelmed, and underskilled.

All this despite anything that I do. That sneaky voice always waits for a "down time" and chance when I'm at my weakest to jump out at me, both guns blazing, shooting all these words at me.

yep. that's how I feel like all inside...Hah! that was fun to watch.

(I also have teivahs = desires.  My own special teivah is action movies with lots of guns, lots of glass shattering, things blowing up, people flying across a room with guns in both hands blazing away, long coats, sunglasses, boots...the works! lol. I"m feeling better already!!)


Tr8erGirl said...

isnt it funny how the yeter hara tends to LIE and be the total opposite of reality?

(Im also LOL'ing at ur teyva sorry!)

Tr8erGirl said...

*meant Yetzer harah


Miriam said...

hi Tr8erGirl,

Girl, this yetzer hara is too much. don't he ever sleep?!

Re: the movie teyvas. lol! what can I do? I blame John Woo for being such a great director ha ha ha.