Tuesday, July 19, 2011

in the middle of the night

In the middle of the night, there is a part of me that aches for the world.  a part that wishes for justice, for harmony, peace, love.  i wake up with a start. then wonder what can i do? where is this lever that's big enough to lift the world? 

I cry with the Shechina -the Divine Presence in the world- who constantly cries for Her children to return.

in the middle of the night, i search for answers. i see many people -people that i would imagine as wise, but because truth has been taken from them, are rendered foolish. they seek facts, but without discernment.  they gather all the information on a topic -both the truth and the lies- and try to form an analysis. like this they try to get an understanding.

i see others who prefer the slumber. sweet slumber and fantasies.

even i have a difficult time ingesting goodness. its like my system is so used to junk food and sugar, that the goodness is hard to digest. no msg in it. how can i eat something w/o msg?

in the middle of the night, my spirit is restless for myself and for the world. but then comes the day. big bright beautiful sun shining bright- reminding me that a new day has begun, new chances, new hope.

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