Sunday, July 3, 2011

Happy New Moon

Today is the new month of Tammuz.  Slowly we are coming closer to the high holidays, I"m already getting slightly giddy....!!

A few days ago I decided to watch Dances with Wolves with Kevin Costner for the first time. Yes, I know its a 1990s movie and I"m sure everyone has seen it twice already,but be that as it may, I saw it for the first time some days ago.

Its about a suicidal soldier during the colonization of America by the Americans against the Indians who saves his troops and is awarded any post he wants. He chooses a post far out west so he can see the frontier 'before its gone'.

While there he befriends the Sioux Indians and gains a wolf pet. He also finds a love interest.  However, an American troop comes, shoots his horse, shots his wolf, tries to kill him, because he looks like an indian by now and just pretty much makes America look really bad, before the Sioux indians take care of them. Then the Sioux Indians are run out of their land. The end.

I can white Americans make such a movie? How can white Americans act in such a movie? and how can white Americans watch such a movie? its like guilt city for them, My sister and I were trying to figure that out. The only thing we could think of is maybe its like when Black Americans call each other the "N" word:  to each other its okay, but for others to say it is wrong; and so White Americans can watch how they did the Indians amongs themselves ??????? I haven't a clue.

I guess these were the beginnings of left wingedness? 

And in that movie, I saw one of the actors that I see in lots of movies but he doesn't get much credit, or awards for that matter.  Wes Studie!!  From the Cherokee Nation.  I like the way he looks. Like he's trying to be all tough and stuff, but he's probably really a teddy bear. lol.   I wish I could make a special award for those types of actors (the kind that are in lots of movies-cuz they act well, but limited to forever the sidekicks, and hardly recognized)

With the Black community moving ahead, I am really excited about the changes going on. And also happy that I"m on the peripheral -so i don't get sucked into any groupthink lol. But I am glad for the positive changes.

I sort of miss Black Woman Blow the Trumpet for the thinktankness of it, I wish there was another forum -not with the same orientation- but with the goal of thinking through things. Also I wish there was a forum that fuses African history, psychology, etc and African American history and psychology.  I think the link is strong, but would like to hear others take on it.

Anyway, just some stuff that were on my mind.

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