Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Glenn Beck and Knesset Member to Ascend Temple Mount - Inside Israel - Israel News - Israel National News

Glenn Beck and Knesset Member to Ascend Temple Mount - Inside Israel - Israel News - Israel National News

A possible righteous gentile ascending the Temple Mount. How awesome is that? Righteous gentiles, according to Judaism, can still do sacrifices, I've heard.

Just musing of how the end of times could happen...

So, Jews are constantly with tikkun olam -repairing of the world. Fixing the wrongs that got done. Problem is, the wrongs kept mounting and mounting. Nevertheless, mitzvot after mitzvot (religious deeds after religious deeds) things were getting corrected (we hope!). Well, eventually we have to get back to the original wrong, the forbidden fruit.

As we all recall, Adam and Eve (or Chava) dwelled in the Garden of Eden. Paradise. Then the serpent came around and decided to make some trouble. The serpent back then went on two hind legs and was not alone. Riding on the serpent was none other than the angel Samakel (without the "k" . don't want actually use his name cuz I don't want to invoke him.  He's also known as the Angel of death). Anyway, they come to Eve and say, "well, well well, we heard you are forbidden to all the fruits here!"

Eve: "Oh no no. Just from the tree of knowledge of good and evil. We can't even touch it"

Serpent: "Look I'll touch it.  See!! Nothing happened. You can do it too."

So, Eve listens and touches, and touching leads to eating and that led to getting Adam to eat as well and there you go, all got lost.

Now let's say the Garden of Eden is the dreamland for every Jew....Jerusalem!

And let's say the Jewish masculine and the Jewish feminine are Adam and Eve.

At the end of times, according to prophecy, Edom and Ishmael are supposed to get together and come to attack us in Jerusalem. Which one would be the serpent and which the angel Sam?

Doesn't matter, at the end of times, they'll probably appeal to the Jewish feminine and say, "So....we hear you're not allowed to eat from anywhere in Jerusalem..."

And we'll say, "Oh no no! we can eat from anywhere. We just can't go up the Temple Mount. We can't even touch it."

Serpent: "Yes you can. See!!..."

Now the trick is to not go for the okie dokie.  what would be the parallel in real life? Can the Temple Mount be parrallel to the tree of knowledge of good and evil?


Its funny that in the movie, Avatar, they called the "earth people" (from the Avatar planet) "Navi".  In Hebrew, Navi means prophets.   The sages once asked which is greater, the Navi/prophets or the Wisemen?  They concluded that it was the wisemen.  Why? Because the Navi can potentially be dumb as a doorknob. But the vision just falls into their heads.  Depending on their level, is how they will report the news.  Whereas the wise person, knows exactly what's up and can be accurate in his delivery.  I think, the ultimate best, would be the wise man returning to the prophets.

The return to "earth people" way of being, but with wisdom of the One True G-d. If Judaism had to proselytize, it would be kinda sad. But if people would want to come to Judaism, I hope its the Navi's of the world, the earth people! And honestly, they don't even need to become Jewish, they are just the team -just as they are- that I would hope Jews team up with.

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