Tuesday, July 12, 2011

A fallen Post

Every once in a while.

I fall.

I fall down because the weight feels too much. 

The barriers feel too great. 

The walls too tall.

it seems so hard to get things done.  the better route seems to be just sit back and watch the latest show.  or go on facebook and smooze until its dark outside.  or go to bars or some form of entertainment to pass the time in this world away.

I wanted to homeschool. Others didn't.  I caved in.

Blacks just don't want to help other Blacks. Its just the simple truth and I have to be okay with that.  Some won't even recognized themselves, just evaporate themselves into some other identity.

I have to go to the earth, the grass, the wind. Go to haShem and gather my strength again. Rouse the tzaddikim to help me accomplish.  and keep moving albeit baby steps for now...

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