Monday, July 4, 2011

Edom vs Ishmael?

Yesterday my daughter asked, "who's more powerful Edom or Ishmael?"

In a way, it seems like Ishmael simply because -according to Jewish logic- we are going farther from the giants. Meaning Abraham, Isaac and Jacob were considered really great, then taking a huge jump, the Tannaim (around the times of the Romans) were greater than the Amoraim that came after.  The Amoraim are greater than the Rishonim that came after, etc.

So, going by that scale, I would think Ishmael is greater, stronger, more powerful simply because he came before Edom.  And apparently so; Islam is bringing Europe and America to its knees.

But then again, Edom is supposed to be a great warrior. Great hunters of people, so how does that work? I don't know. But I do know that in their teaching, first man was a caveman, and people became wiser and better with the passage of time.

And how does Islam hold about time and people? I want to take a guess and say its more in line with Edom's view. that people became wiser and better with the passage of time -but, after their ultimate prophet, the movement ends (i.e. there won't be another greater than he).

Well we know who's the guardian angel of Edom. Who's the guardian angel of Ishmael. According to some teachings, they are considered as "one empire"   so maybe the question is pointless. They are definitely melding.  Furthermore, they are all suppose to ban together to come after Jerusalem in the war of gog and magog. Hmmm...

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