Thursday, July 21, 2011

"Dai, kvar!"

It is taught in the Talmud that a person should always have two notes in their pockets (not literally, I don't think). One note that says "I am nothing!"  and another note that says, "the whole world was created for me!"

Like this, when someone is feeling down and out, they whip out the latter note and remember that God Himself created the whole world just for him.  Alternatively, when he's feel quite arrogant, he should whip out the first note and remember that he came from dust, "I am nothing!"

I think Black folks should carry yet a third note!

A note that says, "Dai kvar!" This is an Israeli expression that means, "enough already!"

I believe that Black folks were probably one of the first people on earth, thus they are sort of like the foundations (Yesod) of things. As such, they have access to two powers or two abilities: Netzach - which is endurance, perseverence, long lastingness; and Hod - which is splendor.

With the passage of time and much suffering, I think the Black world -or many from there- got a good whack on the right side. The Netzach side. Thus I think the Netzach needs a bit of work. For instance, it is a great thing that we can endure.  We've (I mean as a people) have dealt with cruel slavery, mental anguish in America, colonialization in Africa and the Carribean, discrimination and hate, and so on and so forth.  Thank God we can endure!!

However, the not so great part about endurability is that we never -or it takes a very, very long while before we get to the point of saying, "Dai kvar !!!"

Harsh situations continue year after year and everyone wonders how to save Black women from the clutches of evil ridden ghetto and all the crimes associated therein -year after year.  This is too grave a situation to let it go on for so long. And yet we endure.  We deal with racism constantly, and yet to this day there is no systematic way to deal with it. And yet, we endure.

Dai kvar

Enough already

Its time to get fed up with what's wrong in our society, in our lives, etc.  This is partly why I like the Black Women Empowerment movement.  While I do confess that I am weary slightly about groupthink -and I've seen BW get burned for not towing the "line" that has somehow appeared, overall its a positive movement.   Again, I have my concerns because life is always a game of fiddler on the roof --don't tip too much to the left, and don't tip too much to the right lest you fall!  And I pray they are making good choices, but again, overall its a good thing.

Everything in its proper measure.  Even endurance needs to be measured and the proper dosage used, otherwise, we'll just keep enduring and enduring - and eventually come out okay- but there would be more joy, more happiness, more confidence in ourselves if we would give our own selves for God to creates changes rather than hoping to endure until "its over" not by any effort from us.

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