Sunday, July 17, 2011

The Bus

So my beautiful sister was coming back from Efrat. She caught the bus early, loaded her suitcase, paid and found a seat and settled for the three hour drive back to Tsfat.  But just before the bus began to move, she realized she forgot her cellphone back at the Shabbat host's home!

She gets off the bus, drags her suitcase out of trunk of the bus and hurries away. As she heads back to the house she could hear the bus driving off.

After searching and finding her phone, Dejectedly she walks back to the bus station. Now she has to wait for the next bus which could be an hour's wait.

But before she even gets to the bus stop, what does she see crawling down the street? Her bus!! It made some of its round and then came back to see if she was back. When my sister looked back and saw the bus, the bus driver quickly motioned to her to come aboard.

Thank you HaShem!!
Thank you kind bus driver!!


C Yocheved said...

What a lovely story! Really put a well-needed smile on my face. Please give your sister my regards! I met her at the festival in Mevo Modi'im last Sukkot! :-)

Miriam said...

I will tell her. I didn't know you met.

I really want to compile a whole bunch of these types of stories.