Monday, June 6, 2011

Rebbe Nachman's teachings

"Do not deceive yourselves! Self deception means imagining things that do not exist.  For instance, imitating someone who has very little to do with our own situation.  We have already explained how every perosn is unique; he caon only occupy his place.  with the intention of improving and of developing his basic resources.  If he tries to assume a different role, if he copies someone else, he bypasses his destiny and goes astray in an illusion.

Every age has its myths, its fathions: legendary figures that serve as models to be idolized by the masses.....In fact, these legends conceal deeper questions, questions of life posed by the Evil Inclination and designed to plunge people to their ruin!

In order to resist the pressures and currents of fathions against which his own thought is powerless (he does not know from where the danger comes, where the trap lies), the Jew [I say everyone] has to turn to the Righteous of the generation.  However powerful the fantasy, there are always heroes, who by their purity and reflection arrive at very high levels... They teach us the Torah in our own language."

Rebbe Nachman (in the book "Courage")

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