Thursday, June 23, 2011

Haiti Get Your Preparations- thoughts

If for no other reason than to bring justice into the world.

Its pretty obvious that what France did to Haiti was nothing short of extortion. Bullying. They know they did wrong and there is no defense for their actions. 

Thank Gd there are groups sprouting here and there demanding reparation for Haiti. 

From the website of Ligali:

Following the earthquake which hit the already devastated island in the Caribbean in January, a UK-based organization is demanding reparations and an end to the current US occupation of Haiti.
The Haiti First! Haiti Now! Reparations Campaign, which was set up last summer, will hold its first demonstration outside the U.S Embassy on Wednesday 24 March, Grosvenor Square, London W1A 1AE, at 2pm. A coalition of organizations is expected come out in support of the campaign, which is demanding that both France and the U.S pay reparations to Haiti for:

• 150 million gold francs that France extorted from Haiti after 1825 as compensation for the successful revolution which led to Haitian independence in 1804;
• The illegal occupation of Haiti by the U.S in 1915 and its current occupation and exploitation of the Haitian people.

A delegation from France will attend the mass demonstration and messages of solidarity are being sent from Belgium, Spain, Holland, Canada, America, Brazil, Mozambique, Jamaica, Grenada and Haiti.

In Madrid and New York, conferences are being held in solidarity with the London demonstration.

A spokesperson for the Haiti First! Haiti Now! Reparations campaign, Cecil Gutzmore said:

The Truth About Haiti: Dr Cecil Gutzmore
“Haiti is often quoted as being the ‘poorest country in the Americas’ but this is because since it overthrew slavery and won independence in 1804, it has been deliberately and systematically pauperized by the United States and France. Haiti deserves justice and just reparations for centuries of oppression, brutalization and occupation. This demonstration is the start and marks our determination to see that justice is done”.

The organization demands that the USA and France follow the example of Italy that has agreed reparations for its brutal occupation of Libya in the 20th century. 
Honestly I feel like those groups of people like who have been overly proslyletized:  I am very weary of groups that are not actually Haitians fighting for Haiti reparation.  It must come from Haitian and no one else.

Not to fear, my fellow Haitians, we have confronted Edom before and was granted success from Above.  It happened before and it can happen again.

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