Friday, June 3, 2011

Ethiopian Jews: Superheroes

Do these ladies look like dynamite? Don't be fooled!
Jews think they can do anything, don't they? Don't they know there are rules?? Nope! LOL!!

When it comes right down to it, I think that the Ethiopian Jews saved themselves. They were their own Moses, there own saviors, their own superheroes. They had a WILL. They wanted to be reunited with Klal Yisrael (congregation of Israel). Somehow that will grew and grew and was stable enough and digested enough that they began to move the right leg and the left leg and then the right leg... The dance!

Many decided to make the trek to Mama Israel by themselves, some with their loved ones, yet others with families or groups of people. On foot. Talk about a drive and determination! Braving bandits, wild animals, the climate, the unknown, they headed for Israel -home.

Visas? Shmisas!!

Sadly many did not make it. Some made it to Sudan and were put in refugee camps. But many did arrive in Israel. They told the Israelis about their plight but Israel felt its hands were tied. What? Can they go into another country and grab their Jewish brethren?

One man thought they could.

One white Jewish guy made a stink with his friends for the sake of the Eth. Jews. But still the government didn't think it was possible. So to prove that it WAS possible, he and a friend got a truck and drove into Africa...

They got as many Ethiopians as they could. probably bribed whoever they needed to bribe at the checkpoints and somehow made it back to Israel with more Jews. No guns, no military, more Jews! The Israelis were stunnned!! It can be.

So then that man got put in charge of Operation Exodus, and the rest is history.

But I think it all started with the collective will of the Ethiopian Jews. Their constant prayer facing Jerusalem- praying constantly to get there one day. Somehow their will became bigger than a car, bigger than a house, bigger than any government that could stop them, bigger than racism, bigger than any barrier that they may have feared; and they created -with the divine help of God- they created a new reality for themselves.

God bless the Ethiopian Jews!!

A young boy wearing tefillin. Notice his superhero cape? Pow!


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