Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Black Jews in America

I previously wrote a post about African communities who want to become Jewish. But I should add, even Black Jews in America need to be weary!! For some reason -perhaps out of disrepect towards us because we are black? small in numbers? not sure yet -but we are also swamped by various groups who try to push and pull us this way and that way.

Somehow it seems like an impossibility that we can think for ourselves and choose what we want. And even when we put our foot down and chose, then comes the sneakier pushers and pullers -and down right evil people.

Recently, I was in communication with a "fellow Black Jew". However, no matter how many times I asked him about his background, he didn't have info that was consistant. PLus there were certain things a Jew "knows" that he seemed to not now. But he was so friendly that I just left it as a question mark in my head. I had a friend who had a better radar and was highly suspicious of him.

Well, come to find out this guy is a serial rapist!! He hangs out among the Black Jews getting to know them.

People beware!


Anonymous said...

ה ירחם
What I don't understand is how he got next to Black Jews,Miriam?.Did he do it all online?Had he tried to get together with some of the Black Jewish women?And why would he think he could pass himself off as a Jew?

Did he meet ayone and rape them or was that his background and he was trying to get next to some of us?

Miriam said...

I don't know. I met him through a friend, it was all online (Thank goodness!).

But I know he knew personally some ppl from MaNishtana in real life. I don't know who he raped. But I think he's in jail now.