Monday, June 13, 2011

African Jewish Art

If you are in the Tsfat area, please stop by Yael's African Jewish Art gallery and pick up a painting or say hi to me if /when I'm there!

Also, if you are Black and Jewish and would like to contribute with an item from your culture with some info on your background or how Jewish people came to your native land, you can do that too!

Email for more details.


C Yocheved said...

Your post reminds me of something.. Maybe a year ago, I felt the need to connect more with my black roots, so I started listening to some podcasts.. "Africa Today" is one, there were others. But they are so, so anti-Israel that I had to just stop listening. It led me to the question.. Am I black, or Jewish? Because it seems like I can't be both (obviously I don't have much choice in this, haha).

Anyway, sorry if that's kind of scattered, but I do wonder if other black Jews ever feel this way.

Miriam said...

Hi C,

I actually had a discussion about this very topic with a friend in Arad.

To me, both Black and Jewish seem like background stuff. Its like the canvas and then from there, I take off. But I don't know, I like it. I think it is very possible and -well obviously- it happens.

It does hurt me that many--majority?- blacks are very anti-Israel based on my experience. I think that is really sad because I think they could both benefit from each other.

As for connecting w/my black roots: its hard. Its hard to go to certain groups, etc and hear all the Israel bashing or all the other things they say that I simply don't think is helpful, true, or accurate. So I try to say a tid bit here and there hoping...

I totally understand what you're saying.