Monday, May 23, 2011

Why the World Hates Black Folks

Its theory time again.

I want to think about why does the "world" hate Black folks.  I mean, if you think of it a certain way, it looks like we have it hard all over! Why? So here's my theory...

However first I would like to introduce three Jewish concepts and one Biblical recounting.

(Jewish concept #1): The world over, when they draw a time chart for you, they will first draw a straight line.  And on that line they will make little marks of the line. The first mark indicate date where such and such occurred.  The second mark indicates a later date where thus and thus happened., and so on and so forth. This is a time line.

But in Judaism, time is seen quite differently.  Its seen more like a spiral.  On the first ring of the spiral is a bunch of marks indicating times in the year where things happened.  Then on the next ring is more dates --the exact same dates as the ring before it, but different year- when thus and thus happened. 

So if you can hoist this whole ring up and aim it -sort of like a gun- and look at one particular mark of time, you'd see all the March 23 that has ever occurred in time all aligned as well as all the March 23rd that has yet to occur.  Or you can rotate that spiral and see all the May 23 that has ever happened in time and that will ever happen.  This way, you will see the pattern of life.

(Jewish concept #2) Dancing has a special place is kabbalah.  It is said one can dance a reality into being.How exactly to do this is a whole other post. (That's Rebbe Nachman)

(Jewish concept #3) Everything has a beauty in the world -every thing, every people, every animal, etc.  And the Jewish people, them and even the land of Israel, is a microcosm of the world. Which means when a people are not at their tip top shape whether its an African tribe, European country, far flung Island folks, then also the light in Israel is not fully lite --somewhere its dim. When everyone in the world is at their best, actualized, fully functional, etc; then even Israel is fully shining bright and doing what its suppose to do. (that's Rav. Kook).

(Biblical story)  After the newly freed slaves left Egypt, Moses assigned different leaders to guide the Jewish people to the promised land, Israel.  However, by the time they reached Israel, many of the leaders made a mental accounting.  They thought, "right now I am a leader. Power tastes great! I am responsible for so many and in charge of so many....but once we enter the land, I will no longer be running the show, I'll be small fry again....." that made them nervous about entering the land.  And so they came up with all kinds of excuses. First they said, "let's send some spies in there just to scope the land"  Okay, spies were sent. They saw everything was big, big carrots, big grapes, big people!  And so the spies came back and reported how grossly big everything was, even the people.  Like this they discouraged the people from having the confidence to enter the land and the leaders cried (crocodile tears) for effect.

God wasn't too happy with that apparently.  So ever since that event, they did not enter the land.  Instead they circled round and round in the desert until every last one of the leaders of that generation died before they could enter the land.

Okay back to my theory.  Every one seems so happy to say, Life began in Africa. This is our claim to fame. And Yay!! at that. But what's next? I mean, so what??  Well,  Because there was a time that we changed the world, just by our very being here, our very existence and what we did then.  This time will come again on another ring of the spiral of time.  When the spiral of time hits that same place, it will be up to Black folks to do something to change the world for the better. But the "leaders" of today do not want that.  They are so happy, their greed is in full swing. they don't want to stop even though they and anyone can see how countries are being ravaged for the sake of their minerals, people are starving, there is so much corruption for the sake of the greedy to get their hands on more and more and more.  THose who have been taken so completely by greed and other vices are completely swallowed by evil. So, instinctively, they want to grind Black folks to the ground. Demoralized them.  This way when that time cycle comes around, okay so maybe they can sing a grand new song that will effect the world, make the ppl happy for a minute.  But they can't lift up the world and change it greatly because they themselves are very crushed.

I think that Black folks are the corresponding part of the Jewish people that reflects dancing out a new reality.

Also, I think that thinking that the "whole world" hates us destroys any chance we have at gaining allies.  Its not the whole world, its the greedy folks -yes, greedy can be black and white. Its hateful people. Its those who are so self centered and so swallowed up by their own vices and sins--and are so successful at it-- that there is no incentive to change. Evil has them in her grip.

Anyway, that's me theory.

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