Thursday, May 12, 2011


I am really tired of this slavery.

I am tired of it because.....

a) people pretend like the "slavery" that is currently going on in Arab countries and that happened in America is the same slavery as in biblical times.  It is NOT.  In the Biblical slavery, there were rules. When a slave is to be released. There was the command to do everything you can to get one's relative out of that situation, etc.  In the Arab countries and in America, they play with worlds -and call it "slavery" but it is/was nothing short of theft of person and murder.

b) people don't want to dug further into the hundreds, thousands, millions(??) of years that Blacks existed before the whole "slavery" thing happened.  We need to talk more about Sudan and their pyramids and their culture, Egypt and how far it expanded, Kenya and its telling stories that excavation is showing, the Songhai empire, etc and so forth and so on.

So much to learn!!!


ValeriesWorld said...

Thank you, thank you, thank you for speaking out!

Miriam said...

Welcome. We need to. Time for truth.