Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Recycling on rise in Arab towns - Israel Activism, Ynetnews

Recycling on rise in Arab towns - Israel Activism, Ynetnews

The recycling revolution led by the Environmental Protection Ministry is on a roll: Statistics published by the Ela Recycling Organization indicate a 55% increase in recycling bins.

Instead of only 8,000 bins dispersed in different locations, Israel now has over 12,000 bins in cities such as Herzliya, Netanya, Ashdod and Hadera as well as in Arab communities.

The increase in recycling bins is assumed to be the result of a recent poll that found a direct connection between the distance of the bin from the home to the person's willingness to recycle. (follow the link to read more).


This is good news! I remember listening to a youtube of Dr. Sebi and how he lamented that in Arab culture, if you presented someone with a plate of salad as a meal they wouldn't want it. To show how little they are aware of healthy eating. Okay, that was a pretty general statement, but I know many many people from Haiti who are like that. The thought of "healthy eating" vs eating the traditional way just has no leg to stand on. Its a losing battle. I'm not sure if I"m for or against it all. I think a mixture may be the better route.

At any rate, the concept of recycling is a good step in a healthy direction.


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