Sunday, May 29, 2011

Psychology Today Apologizes to BW

Apology accepted.  Now fire the guy. (Psychology Today's apology).

(And this is Psychology!!!)


Chaya said...

Psychology, history, archeology people can use these big concepts to give over what they want to believe or what they want us to believe....and once it's already out, we have to struggle with the seed that already got planted.
I don't want their weeds!!!

Miriam said...


do u see a pattern? Its the age of the seed takeover. We only have our minds left...

Anonymous said...

You both are so right!It reminds me of an analogy I heard about LaShon HaRa.The Rebbe likened LaShon HaRa to a bag full of feathers that had been cast to the wind.
Once out there how can you possibly ever retrive them again?!So what Psychology Today issues an apology,the slander has already been deciminated!.

Anonymous said...

Not only that,the "apology" is getting old, in terms of how it's being used. It reminds me of the so-called friend. They'll look at you ,tell you that you're wearing ugly styled clothes and they'll say"Oops!..I didn't mean that. Then then the friend will talk about your shoes, hair, jewelery and everything else but they'll continue to say "Oops!" knowing that they meant every word of it.

That is the point that I'm making about PT. If you ask me, I just think that they meant what they said and then say "Oops"to make them seem that are against what Kanazawa said.So not buying it.

Miriam said...


I agree with you!

You have no idea the shock and slight sadness I felt, when I see BW still reading that same paper/website.