Monday, May 30, 2011

Just for Fun


Anonymous said...

Shalom Miriam,
You are too cute to put that piece on!The Nicholas brothers,Fayard and Harold were the inspiration to Fred Astaire and Gene Kelly,whom everyone knows and reveres because they were allowed to become movie stars,whereas the Great Nicholas brothers were always specialty acts,whose scenes could be cut out when their pictures were showed in the South.

I've been reading a lot about the AA female stars of the 20's,30's and 40's so that's how I know who they are.I started last year when Lena Horne died at the age of 93.My mother loved Lena Horne,who was born in 1917.My mother was born in 1925.

The racism those pioneers had to experience surely lets us appreciate how far we've come and at the same time the stereotypes are still alive and well.Only now every Black role isn't maid,butler or shoe shine man.

Still too many of us are cooning in front of the camera and every one wants to be a star.I love the dignity of Sidney Potier,even though I can't say I appreciated him when I was young.

I came of age during the Blaxploitation era,but love the dignity of the generations that came before.

Did you know that Dorothy Dandridge was married to one of the Nicholas brothers,Harold,but their marriage fell apart after she gave birth to a child(Harolynn)who was mentally deficient,and ended up institutionalized?.

Miriam said...

There is such a rich, rich history in the Black community. Such beauty, talent, splendor, etc.

I didn't know that about Dorothy Dandridge!