Monday, May 30, 2011

Excerpt from Rebbe Nachman's The Master Prayer Story

He then lead them upwind (where they could no longer smell the food), and they began to cry out that there was a terrible stench there. He then took them downwind again, and they were able to smell the wonderful smell of the food, and they again begged him to let them taste it. Again he led them upwind, and again they cried out about the terrible stench. The Mighty Warrior said to them, “You can see for yourselves that there is nothing here that stinks, so it must be you yourselves that you are smelling.” He then gave them to eat from the food, and immediately they began to take out and throw away all their money and gold. They then began to dig graves for themselves, and bury themselves in them, from embarrassment, as the disgusting smell of the money was revealed to them, (for it smelled exactly like excrement)...

You can read the whole story at Shuvu Bonim's website.

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