Wednesday, May 4, 2011

A Day of Miracles

I must give testimony and thank God for His Great Kindnesses!!!

Its been a busy day today.  I'd like to share it with you. Lots of miracles.  So it started off as usual, I got up, struggled with praying in the morning.  I had stopped praying the formal prayer since children came around.  But now that they are somewhat autonomous, I am trying to push myself back into praying.  Funny that I need to "push" myself, cuz I usually have alot to say (you know in that part of Shmonei Esrei prayer where you insert your own words. ).

Anyway, I prayed. Then checked facebook. (Actually I checked facebook then prayed then checked facebook again).  I saw one of my friends from Nigeria there and out of impulse, went on Amazon and sent him some Torah books/ sefarim.  There is an Igbo community in Nigeria who want to convert, its a slow process and while they are still waiting for a rabbi to come and guide them, people are at least sending them books and other Judaic items.  Support them please!  Honestly, I don't know why I did it. I barely had enough money to pay off my own bills. But good has to be active. ACTIVE.  And I gotta practice what I preach.

Then I remembered: Monsato. Ugh!  So, in my small fight against them, I went out and got some seeds to plant.  Today was spent hoeing and planting the seeds. We planted lettuce, watermelon (don't laugh! lol) and cucumber seeds. Boy those things require lots of space in between (1 meter between rows!!).

Then, I had a nice conversation with my sister. We were talking about praying. How we need to pray for what we really want, and not how people tell us to pray.  For example, sometimes we want to do a good thing and, well, we need MONEY, But praying for money seems wrong. Well, we do it anyway when we need to.

After that talk I went back out to the store to buy some provisions and what did I see when I came back? Three Kings!!!

"we three kings of orient are....bearing gifts we travel afar......"

Three men entered my house (we tend to leave the door open). At first my sister didn't know who they were or what they wanted.  They just came in and sat down!  So, my sister calmly stopped playing the drum and they all sat there for a while.

Finally the men spoke.  They commended us for being converts... and gave us money!!! yay!! that was such joy! What a strange thing. But I'll take the miracles in whatever form God wants to send them. Thank You, Hashem!!

I fear we were too nervous to thank them properly, but I hope they know that we are grateful for that. Only in Israel!

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