Tuesday, April 5, 2011

My All Time Favorite Song

It may sound kinda strange to many's ears, but I just LOVE this song so much.  I hope I never hear it in the streets in Israel because I don't know if I could hold back dancing. Its music from Democratic Republic of Congo...

Who invented this .......


Anonymous said...

Shalom Miriam,
As I was listening to the music,I was thinking it sounded like world music I used to sell in our museum gift shop from Zaire.Then I thought wasn't the Democratic Republic of the Congo old name Zaire?

Yes,it was and maybe it resonated with you so much because it sort of reminds me of the French/Creole song sweet Micky was singing in Haiti.While he was singing I thought it sounded very African,almost like music from South Africa.

For sure the Carribean peoples of African descent retain more of their Africanisms than say US Blacks,probably because they were the majority,and I see it in their dance and hear it in their music.

Miriam said...

Anonymous --I think the "Africanness" is in our bones. maybe the Caribbeans retained one set of things, but the African Americans retained a different set of things.

I think AA don't get praised enough -or are made to feel shame -about their Africanness.