Thursday, April 21, 2011

Just for Fun

We Are Africans


I wonder if Africans would accept me knowing that I am Jewish and married to a Jewish man.....???


Anonymous said...

Shalom Miriam,
I liked the video!In regards to your question-Accept you as what?As an American born woman of Hatitian parents?I don't think they'd have a problem with that as many Africans live in the diaspora.You asked as a Jew married to a Jewish man.Now if they saw you they would see a Black woman married to a white man.If you told them or it was obvious by your husbands kippah,then they would know and as you well know some would accept both of you and some wouldn't.

My question is would they accept you or me as an African?It's times like this that show very clearly that at least in my case,I'm not an African.I call no place in Africa home.I have no idea which African tribe my people came from,I speak nor do I have any knowledge of any African language that my ancestors spoke.

I am a creation of the new world,of obvious African ancestry,but by way of centuries in the American South.Would they accept me as an African?Is my question and the answer is obvious.

Miriam said...

HI Yona,

I want to embrace the whole Africanness, but have this foreboding fear that just as you think, we will not truly be accepted.

Some people are trying to revive African history, culture and make it the "New Africam"

I am in this group but truly I keep 3/4ths of myself in concealment... that's not good.

Anonymous said...

I know that you're busy,but after the holiday I want to hear more about what you mean about being in the "New Afican"group and keeping 3/4 of yourself to yourself.

I think I understand,because I've lived like that as a African-American Jew surrounded by well meaning white Jews who didn't have a clue.I learned early on to keep it to myself,but there grew within me an alienation from the very people I was spiritually bound to.

Anyway,have a great holiday and formulate your thoughts,because I want to hear them.

Miriam said...

Since, its "developING" i'll get back to u after Shabbat.

Miriam said...


I joined this group on Facebook called IYPAD Central. I really encourage you to join as well.

Anyway, Its all sorts of people from every African origin you can think of: Nigerians, Ghanians, African Americans, Haitians, and so on and so forth.

Basically what they do is think of solutions for various problems in the Black community and share information. Its a think tank for helping the black community get up with their bootstraps God willing.

Anyway, I joined this group and felt a bit nervous because there were no Black Jews represented. Zero. I was probably the only one and I kept my identity secret. Eventually, I couldn't stand it and revealed that I was Jewish and married to a Jewish man. I wanted them to either accept me totally or reject me. Either way I'm fine. I jsut don't like ambiguity.

Anyway, I didn't receive much hostile responses -not outwardly anyway. far so good!

Miriam said...

For more details I can email you.