Monday, April 4, 2011

'Israel to Become a Religious State in 19 Years' - Inside Israel - Israel News - Israel National News

'Israel to Become a Religious State in 19 Years' - Inside Israel - Israel News - Israel National News

Very interesting news and article (for me).

On the one hand, I am one of those "religious Jews." But do I want a religious state? This reminds me of the Muslims again. Many can be religious, but some move to non-religious countries. Then more and more come, next thing you know sharia is promoted. Are they happy? some yes, some no.

Its not that I don't want a religious state. I do! (with a caveat).

On the other hand, However, I am weary of the fanatics that usually take over when people act like sheeples. I don't mind a religious state, if the men are required to learn Torah -not just gomorrah --the arguments and debates of the sages, but l'maase' -what to actually do halachicly. I guess what I am saying is that I don't want the rabbis to have too much power over the people. Actually, its not even the rabbis I fear, its more the Askanim- those guys who surround the rabbis acting as their bodyguards and helpers and the such. Sure they can guide and suggest, but I don't want them bringing more chumrot /stringencies more than what God Himself already commanded. I don't want another Rosa Parks incident -and I for sure don't want all the buses to become separated that way!

With the askanim -its bad enough I have to learn to out manouever them just to get to talk to the rabbis -especially the Big Guns (big rabbis). And I must say thank God the rabbis I feel also want to talk to the little people too! The askanim are a problem. I remember once calling a certain Big Gun and instead of him picking up the phone, one of his askanim did. "No, he can't talk right now!" was the answer -as usual. But I lied and said, "but he's expecting my call!" After some mumblings, the Big Gun got on the phone. Yay!!! so I asked him for a blessing and some advice. Then I told him how hard it is to reach him and he suggested coming or calling on a certain day at a certain time. I said okay.

The next time I wanted to talk to him, I went on that certain day at that certain time. No askanim!!! He was all by himself and his wife! Even he tries to circumvent those goons lol.


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