Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Watoto from the Nile

I saw this at What About Our Daughter's blog.

I like the offense! Good. I think BW have a better chance when they are at the offense rather than when they are at the defense.

Granted these are little children, little girls so its a bit scary that they are up out there. But I think this trend could go--especially if the real intended person to hear this message was other black little girls.  I hope others make videos and music like that. Kinda like a "justin beiber" package but for promoting positive message to black girls.

It did make me sad that the people that they had to use as their "positivers" were people  like Steve Harvey (what?!).   Its so sad because its telling how lacking in heros or at least lacking in the knowledge of the real heros that exist for them.

They are so cute! Here's another video from them...

Re: li'l wayne and the BM who never defend black women.

I think that there are two basic reasons somebody would do an evil thing (1) the reward for doing the wrong seems greater than the reward for doing the good or (2) they really think honest to goodness that they are doing something right/good.

In case #1 no amount of reasoning will really deter the perpetrator -especially if they've done it twice or three times already. It is just too delicious and the voice of reasoning gets smaller and smaller with each repeat.  The only way to deter them is to take away the reward for doing the wrong (tons of law suits for emotional damage???) or increase the reward for doing good (??).

In case #2 Somehow a very good point has to be shown to these people and we can only hope that they will measure where they are vs. where that very good point is and realize, they are not going to end up at that point if they keep going on the path they are on.

Anyway, I think most rappers fall into category #1

Practically speaking, I wonder if most good Black men tend to be logical. Thus, they may know that they themselves are living the way they are living because they have a value system; and those other guys -the rappers (crappers lol) find their own value system too delicious, the rewards are too great for them to resist the pull. So, talking to these people is a fruitless endeavor.

The only thing I can hope for is that a) there is a constant counter message. A very accessible positive thread that remains always an option for those who begin to look around for something better. Also b) stronger parents who won't laugh as they shake their heads about the rap -sending mixed signals to the younger ones (or make it seem devilishly  or excitingly 'bad'). People who will truly hate and despise the wrong messages is a good first start.

When I think of this video as little girls doing something to show other little girls that they have a voice and options, then it makes my heart light and happy.  when I think of this video as the little girls trying to tug at Li'l wayne's heart strings to change his mind about doing these type of music, I ....get nervous.

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