Sunday, March 13, 2011

Victims Indentified as Family of Rabbi Fogel of Yeshiva Itamar - Defense/Middle East - Israel News - Israel National News

...and the Arabs go out to celebrate this by out passing candy in the streets.


Anonymous said...

Shalom Miriam,
Arutz Sheva printed the photos of the murdered family with their permission and I saw in living color what the murderers did to that innocent Jewish family.השם ירחם
There are no words to describe the horror of seeing human beings who were savagely murdered in their beds on Shabbat.

It is the same mentality that rejoices every time a Jew is killed in the name of jihad.When you are programmed to view people as vermon to be wiped out,then you destroy every one,the babies also.

It is hard for any Westerner to understand the mindset and therefore we want to think it's an anomally-just some act of insanity,instead of a deliberate plan to cleanse the land of its Jewish inhabitants.One by one if necessary-no matter how long it takes.

We are coming to Purim and this act of murder against an innocent family can't help but remind us of the plans of Haman-to destroy all the Jews in Persia.His prodigy,Amalek still lives and is taught each and every day to hate and to kill,where the Jews in Israel are full of self recriminations and self doubt and most of all inaction.

Where are our mass demonstrations?The Arab world is in an uproar and so we should be over these senseless murders.

Micha said...


I am so spent. So tired of this. And no one bats an eye in the world. They'll just give some flippant "oh my!" reaction and that's it.

Even mainstream media hardly publishes these atrocities.

I really really wish Israel would be totally self sufficient and just do what we need to do to have peace. The more vulnerability and fear we show, the more I think it agitates the Arabs and make them hurt us more.

For some reason, the picture with the boy with his socks half on/half off --like my brother used to wear it when he was a kid- really brings me to tears.

I hope they had a peaceful death since they were already asleep.

I'm so outraged. I don't really have a coherent thing to say on it.

Miriam said...

that was Miriam above.

The First Domino דומינו said...

Greetings Miriam:

This is tragic on so many levels. I can't begin to tell you the mistakes that are made when a life is taken, even in self-defense.

Here's the irony, the cosmic joke: Souls don't travel throughout their history (many lives) here in the world of relativity on a linear path. When we return for another life, we don't necessarily stay within one race, culture, human family, or descent, although we can reincarnate in clusters (in groups, so to speak), and often do.

I have met many in my own cluster. Many people do, although they may not be fully aware of it. They may say something like this, after meeting a stranger: "My goodness, it's like I've known that person all my life."

The soul has one goal: to evolve, to know itself in its own experiences.

Believe it or not, our world is an ideal place for such an evolution to take place. It's suitability for this purpose is unmatched.

The soul evolves in an optimal way, without regard to affirming or supporting human institutions or human systems of propriety.

The soul doesn't care about such things.

There's much more to this, but, since it may offend someone not fully acquainted with me, I will leave it for another day.

Miriam said...


Hey old friend!

You can email me. Or feel free to write it here as long as its not Christian.

So far so good.