Friday, March 11, 2011

Random Thoughts

Someone (a Jewish BW named Chaya from Living Essence blog) once told me this...

Have you ever seen a Torah scroll? It has these two thick sides that you roll up to roll up the actual scroll.  The two sides have sticks protruding from them which are adorned with various decorations.

During a synagogue service (an Orthodox one anyway), the Torah is removed and revealed from its house only during the times it will be read. A man takes it out and opens it a bit. He holds it up high for the congregation to see then closes it. As he makes his way to the bima -the tall table where the Torah is actually read, he goes the long route and everyone tries to kiss the scroll or at least touch it.

Then he finally gets to the bima and the Torah is covered with a piece of cloth until whoever is called up is ready to read to it.

That is what you see.

Here is a "Song of Songs" version of what's happening...

The Torah scroll is lilke a beautiful woman. Her two thighs protrude and above she is adorned with or sorts of jewelry and decorations.

During a synagogue service -during the renewal of vows- the woman is taken from her house, only when she will be sung to.  A man takes her out and opens her a bit.  He shows her off to the whole congregation and they fall in love with her all over again. Then he closes her.  As he makes his way to the private chambers, he goes the long route and everyone praises his woman.

Then he finally gets to his place and keeps his woman covered until he is ready to sing to her...

This is beautiful love making!

It only takes the disappearance of the fear of God, for such a beautiful thing to become perverted.

This is what I think of when I hear about the story of the 11 year old little girl who got gang raped by about 16 men. 26 men!!! Its perfectly perverted. They took their "Torah scroll" and "sang" their ugly song to her.

It hurts me to the core.  If only.  If only I was like Shimon/Simon  and Levi, the two hot headed sons of Jaacob who, upon hearing that their sister, Dinah, was raped by the people of Shchem, took it upon themselves to exact vengence for her.  They slaughtered the whole town -the rapists and the people who were coming up with excuses for them.

(unfortunately, for their hot headedness, they didn't inherit a portion in the land of Israel -instead they were made to dwell among their brothers so as to spread and reduce their hot headedness with each generation of intermarriage. -according to some).

I can't understand how people -even the mothers of these men- can not be apalled at what happened. And what should be done to prevent this from happening again?

I suspect that these "men" are a result of the previous generation's spilled seed. Eventually they produce a "damaged beyond repair" entity and that begets more "damaged beyond repair" entities and so on and so forth. Each time the exponent on these DBRs increase to the point that I wonder if they can be even considered "in the image of God".

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