Monday, March 7, 2011

Livelihood and Money

Before this post, I would like to recall a previous post called "Passing through the Fire"...

That or I would like to recall the orange.  An orange has three parts, the peel -which is its outer part. the middle white-ish part that some eat and some don't.  And then there is the actual meat of the orange. The flesh.

The peel can be seen as the encasing "evil" around the goodly flesh.  This evil has to be discarded because it is useless to the person.  Its sole use is to protect the flesh, but once its not in storage anymore, when its actually going to be used, the evil is discarded.

Then is the meat, the flesh of the orange. That is thought of as the "good."  That  part of the orange represents good.

This can be seen in other things for example:

peel  ========     meat

pride  =======   confidence

being flashy ===  lighting a way

being very critical =   able to spot needs

I wonder if this can be expanded to explain the relationship with livelihood and money.

Peel =money  ======   meat =livelihood

But how can this be? Should we strive for livelihood without money?

When I say livelihood I mean the financial means whereby one lives.

 Being good, doing good and seeking good in the world may seem like a noble thing to do, but it is more than that.  Those things are like the parts that come together and make a cup.  When you create this cup and look into that cup, you can see your true livelihood -what you were meant to do in this world.

Pursuing this livelihood -so I hear- will bring one to much wealth and easy living/working.  It will seem natural and not hard at all because the person wants to bring a good into the world and because the person accepts their abilities and their role.

However, we can have great beginnings, but veer off into the wrong path.

For example:  Mr. Gruff knew he didn't get along with Mr. Puff.  Mr. Gruff also knew that he really wanted to fund-raise and gather money to build a hospital for his community.  He was the only one who seemed interested in this project no matter who he spoke to.  This made him realize that it was really up to him if it was ever to get done.  So, after much phone calls and letters, Mr. Gruff got the money together to begin his project.  Mr. Puff calls with an offer.  Mr. Puff offers a partnership with Mr. Gruff and in exchange he will also invest some money into the project.

Mr. Gruff, seeing that he could potentially make more money and even have a bigger hospital! So he agreed.  In no time, the two got embroiled in a law suit and the hospital remained partially built.

All this to say, if the goal is to seek out money and more money, then there may be trouble ahead. It may lead to toiling very much for a pittance or it may lead to worries upon worries.  However, if one seeks good, tries to do good and be good, one can see where one's strengths and opportunities and where one's heart is led to. This livelihood can be a constant source of joy for the person (making it not a toil) and, God willing, may bring the wealth that the person needs in his life.

In summary, the peel is the money. The meat is the livelihood.  Its good to have money, but the main thing that will sustain us and keep us moving and bring wealth in our lives is the livelihood. Having a bunch of monies is only a nice outer shell, a nice but temporary protection. Having a livelihood -a mission, a passion, a good- is what will keep the wealth flowing our way. 

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