Monday, February 21, 2011

"The Only Good Indian......."

Does anyone remember that horrible phrase? Do you remember the second half of that phrase?  I think that phrase grew and has extended itself to other groups of people.

For example, I remember hearing a Jewish lady who lived in Germany most of her life.  She would hear how many Germans would lament the holocaust, but upon listening to them more and more she realized, they could lament about the holocaust, they could appreciate the dead Jews, but to have one right next to them. Live!!! Living!! That was unwanted.

I think there is something like that for BF as well.  Many love to take from black cultures, the clothing, the colors, the drums, the proverbs, the wisdoms, the ways, etc. And they are perfectly happy to tell you how deplorable the black populated country is, how poverty stricken it is, how there seems to be no hope and they're probably all dead as we speak kinda thing. But to have such people in their midst is an affront to their prestine selves.

Why am I so concerned about this right now?

I think part of it is because I become more and more myself, every new peel that I take out and expose the real me brings on a fresh wave of insecurity in me.  A fresh wave of nerves and feelers detecting negation and invalidation. Its not a bad thing. I have to do it right. I have to acknowledge these feelers -which are like sign posts telling me where potential problems lay- and deal with them in a healthy way.

(to be sure, I want to add that djembe drum playing is not a Haitian culture thing, but drums is a very big part of the culture.)

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