Wednesday, February 23, 2011

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So the former commented: "Why don't you tell him about the $100 million that the Spanish government is spending to develop a terror city right next door to us? Why don't you tell him to go see the project?" The driver replied: " My passenger speaks Hebrew, he loves Israel; he is opposed to this project.". I interjected in Spanish, then in Hebrew: " ""Maybe the Spanish government is paying for the project, but for sure the idea, the impetus for it, came straight from Rome, came from the Vatican. The Vatican, and particularly this pope are, big Jew haters, and will do everything he can to cause us harm any chance they get."

Imagine my surprise at the response of the driver:

"My passenger HAPPENS TO BE FROM THE VATICAN. So please, let's try to keep this conversation friendly!"   (You can read more at Israel Truth Times blog)

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